Gucci Fund


The Sundance Institute | Gucci Fund supports the work of non-fiction artists from around the world in the development, production and post-production of work that looks at the world in complex, creative, beautiful and provocative ways. The Fund supports artists at all stages of their careers and seeks to uplift underrepresented voices and stories from within historically marginalized communities. Artists working to shed light on issues of gender equality, racial justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability will be prioritized.

Applications for the Sundance Institute | Gucci Fund are accepted through the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund call for applications.

Grant Opportunity

The Gucci Fund will grant projects globally that reflect the following priorities:

  • Gender Equality
  • Racial Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Sustainability

How to Apply
Applicants will submit to the Gucci fund via the Sundance Documentary Fund application

Size of Grant Pool
3-5 Projects per year

Featured Projects


DIRECTOR: Nyasha Kadandara
PRODUCERS: Sam Soko, Bob Moore
LOGLINE: Chris – a struggling migrant truck driver must choose between being exploited in a foreign land or returning to the country that killed his father. Out of desperation, he joins a religious cult to find an answer.


DIRECTOR: Gabriela Díaz Arp
PRODUCERS: Karla Claudio Betancourt, Tatiana Monge Herrera
LOGLINE: Matininó tells the story of a multi-generational family of Puerto Rican women transforming their experience with domestic violence into a science-fiction film.


DIRECTOR: Agniia Galdanova
PRODUCERS: Igor Myakotin, Agniia Galdanova
LOGLINE: Gena, a queer artist from a small town in Russia, dresses in otherworldly costumes and parades around Moscow to protest the government. It becomes a movement with a million followers she calls “drag activism” until she’s arrested and threatened to flee.


For information on how to apply and our eligibility criteria click here.