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Recognizing the crucial role that independent producers play in finding, shaping, and championing original filmmaking voices, the Sundance Institute Producers Program supports both fiction and nonfiction producers at all stages of their feature-length projects and their careers.

Through a year-round continuum of support — including labs, fellowships, intensives, grants, networking events, funding, and educational resource opportunities — producers are given the opportunity to build community with fellow producers and industry members, hone creative skills, gain additional knowledge of the field, and develop strategies for pitching, producing, financing, and releasing their films.

Producers Track

At the heart of the Producers Program is the Producers Track. This open application supports emerging independent producers with a work-in-progress feature-length film to be considered for the Producers Lab & Fellowship (yearlong program commencing July 2023) and the Producers Intensive (two-day concentrated program in fall 2023). 

There are two different Producer Tracks: Feature Film (fiction) or Documentary Film (nonfiction).

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Producers Lab & Fellowship

The Producers Fellowship is a year-long program designed to nurture emerging fiction and documentary film producers with project-specific support through the Producers Lab and Producers Summit, a grant to support the producer and the project, year-round mentorship from a dedicated industry mentor, and ongoing support from Sundance Institute staff. The program is designed to hone emerging producers’ creative instincts and evolve their communicating and problem-solving skills at all stages of their next feature fiction or documentary film project.

Fellowship Year: July 2023 – June 2024

Producers Lab: July 24–27, 2023

Producers Summit: Cancelled for 2023

Number of Fellows: 10 (5 fiction and 5 documentary)

Location: Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah

Producers Intensive

The Producers Intensive provides emerging producers with the opportunity to hone their craft in a two-day concentrated workshop. The program provides creative, strategic and professional development support for 10 fiction and nonfiction producers from traditionally underrepresented communities who are poised to take the next step in their filmmaking career. Like the residency lab, the Intensive features interactive group sessions and round table conversations with producer and industry advisors on topics including the producer/director collaboration, pitching, legal and business affairs, packaging and financing, budgeting and fostering community among the participants.


Producers Intensive: Late October 2023 

Number of Fellows: 10 (5 fiction and 5 documentary)

Location: Zoom

Producers Summit

As part of the Institute’s evolving commitment to independent producers, and in recognition of their importance in the creation and distribution of independent film, Sundance Institute created the Producers Summit, which takes place at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah.

Summit Dates: Cancelled for 2023

Location: Sundance Mountain Resort, Utah

Eligibility: Curated through the full array of Institute programs, including the Producers Fellowship, Lab, and Intensive.

Awards & Grants

Feature Film and Documentary Film Producing Fellows each receive a grant that may be applied to personal expenses and unsupported costs for project advancement.

The Sundance Institute / Amazon Studios Producers Awards recognize two producers (and/or producing teams) with films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in the fiction and nonfiction categories with at $10,000 grant. The awards are presented annually during the Sundance Film Festival Producers Celebration.  

Created in honor of indie producer Mark Silverman, whose credits included the Coen Brothers’ Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona, and Blood Simple, the Mark Silverman Honor is awarded to an emerging producer or producing team selected for the Feature Film Producers Fellowship.

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Advice for Applicants

The Producers Program is designed to give aspiring producers the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their craft. While the specific criteria for participation differs across our various programs,  we are seeking passionate, bold, risk-taking, and creatively rigorous artists for all of our initiatives. Some things to think about while applying to any of our programs include your personal connection to the material, why you are passionate about this particular story, how you intend to realize the project creatively and logistically, and the impact you hope to have on audiences.

Support for the Producers Program

The Sundance Institute Producers Program is supported by an endowment from the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Charitable Foundation, with generous additional support from Amazon Studios, Cinereach, and SAGindie.

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